Het Eilandje is a hip neighborhood where there is always something going on. Restaurant and coffee bar owners are also discovering this every day. On this page I try to keep a list of restaurants, coffee bars and places where you can get other delicacies. If you have a suggestion or comment, feel free to forward them.


‘t Zilte

Michelinstars with a view
The restaurant on the top floor with chef Vicky Geunes has two Michelin stars. The view is also breathtaking, with views of the city and harbor. Nice detail: Vicky Geunes is self-taught and studied as an industrial scientist.
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Ellis Gourmet Burger


The name refers to Ellis Island in New York where European immigrants entered America. A nice reference in this area because of the Red Star Line Museum, where around two million Europeans left for America.

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The Shack

Bagels and coffee

The owner has lived in America and Brazil, so she wanted to pass on the love for the bagel and coffee.

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U eat

if 't zilte is too expensive

Another restaurant of chef Vicky Geunes (see above): hotel, restaurant and bar in one. On the site they say themselves: “affordable luxury”…

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Ice cream & coffee

Black & Yellow Coffee Bar

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Cremerie Germaine

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