your guide in Antwerp

Due to her years of experience as a guide, writer and organizer of various activities, Natacha is the ideal person to guide you in Antwerp.

Natacha Van de Peer

My story

At the age of 20 I had my first guide experience, in the cathedral of Antwerp. In the meantime I had completed my first year architecture at the Antwerp Academy and thought that guiding would help me for the presentations of the projects during my studies. It would bring me to a different path.

The architecture course did not go as planned, so I also started with engineering studies. In the meantime I had also obtained the basic diploma for a tour guide and started a course in art history.

All diplomas were obtained and there were fantastic projects that I was allowed to participate in, such as the opening of the MAS and guided tours for architects and engineers in the Port House under construction. For several years I have been working full-time as an ambassador for my city.

See you somewhere in Antwerp.

The tour was fantastic! You are a fluent storyteller who knows how to explain complex architectural concepts in a comprehensible way.”

My favourite guided tours


Concrete in northern Antwerp

A classic one: from the Museum at the Stream (MAS) to the new office building for the port, the Port House. There is a lot to see along the way: from a concrete ship and a new square to a brewery in an old pump house.

Food & drinks

Chocolate & cookies

What could be more fun than discovering the city with chocolate and cookies? Discover where the name ‘Antwerp Cookie City’ comes from and learn everything about chocolate, with a few tastings along the way.



The versatile artist Rubens is world famous. He has lived and worked in Antwerp for most of his life. While walking you discover his life and that of his contemporaries. You can put together a tour yourself.

Guided tours for other organizations

Natacha not only has her own guided tours, she also works for other organizations, museums and various monuments in the city.

Books & publications

In addition to organizing and developing tours, Natacha also writes for the city guide on this site and books on topics that concern her.


Architecture Antwerp

Let Natacha Van de Peer guide you through the architecture of Antwerp. Along the way you will see Antwerp’s stunning buildings, both old and contemporary. This guidebook includes maps and two walks.


Baroque Antwerp

Natacha Van de Peer guides you through the world of Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens. Discover the Baroque in Antwerp and let yourself be seduced by a fascinating tour of artworks and buildings. (only in Dutch)


Baroque palaces

On Heritage Day 2018 it was 250 years ago that architect Jan Pieter Van Baurscheit passed away, which I think deserved a (little) book with a walk along his designs: beautiful palaces. (only in Dutch)