Concrete in northern Antwerp

There’s a lot happening in the north of Antwerp.The MAS, the new museum gave a boost to this area. The old harbour is transforming into a hip and trendy residential area. One of the most striking buildings is the new Port House designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, a technical wonder. Almost next to it lies a ship in concrete that also serves as a church. All the stories and architectural details will be featured in this tour. Enjoy the use of concrete.

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Warehouses and Greenery – in district ‘Eilandje’

This tour starts at the MAS, one of the new landsmarks of this area. The warehouses in the neighbourhood tell stories of the old harbour. The second part of the guided tour has a complete other architectural vibe. Here, towers have been built at the beginning of a new park. On top of that you get a sneak preview of the new hospital & the steel bridge connecting both parts of the area.

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South to New

We start the tour at the Law Courts. 500 years ago there was a citadel built here, at the end of 19th century it was demolished and the new area was born. Once a port, now a trendy area with also a range of museums. We also walk passed a complete new district: Nieuw Zuid (New South).

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Architecture around the shops – Meir & Keyserlei

Have you ever looked at the buildings in a shopping street. In Antwerp you find a royal palace, banks, (once) the highest skyscraper in Europe and a phenomenal station on our main shopping street. Explore this street(s) with me while we’re trying not to look at the shops …

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architectural tour Central Station Antwerp

The Central Station of Antwerp or Railway Cathedral like some people call them, is one of the prettiest stations in the world. Discover this building with this tour.

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Modern Architecture in Deurne

Close to each other, you can find in Deurne (a district of Antwerp east of the city centre): a beautiful park with a romantic castle and a modern, ecological swimming pool / a coloured garden city from the 1920’s / the home of Renaat Braem, a modernist architect / two special houses side by side build in the 1920’s / a street packed with architectural gems of the 1930’s.

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Modern Architecture in Kapellen

Jo Crepain, a famous architect in Belgium, lived most of his life in Kapellen. There are 43 projects designed by him in Kapellen. We have a look at his first project and his home and off course a lot of other projects.

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Turnhoutse School

In the sixties, there were three architectural firms active in the area of Turnhout, a city 45km east of Antwerp. They are called the ‘Turnhoutse School’ (School of Turnhout) although their style is not the same. We visit some projects, like cultural centre ‘de Warande’, and have a look at a school and home of one of the architects.

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