Height of Antwerp buildings

It appeals to the imagination: the height of a building. In Antwerp, the skyline is determined by a few buildings, with the cathedral in particular as the outlier. I have listed the 10 tallest buildings. These are beautiful buildings and also ugly buildings … The Antwerp Tower at number 3 is sometimes regarded as the ugliest building in Antwerp. But this is changing. They are going to renovate the building on a large scale. Number 1 is the symbol of the city, which is recognizable in every skyline. I have limited myself to the buildings within the Antwerp ring road. There are also some tall buildings on the left bank, such as the Chicago tower, which is 81 meters high.

1. Our Lady Cathedral

123 meters

Antwerp, Groenplaats 21

2. Farmers tower (KBC tower)

95,8 meters

Antwerp, Schoenmarkt 35

3. Antwerp Tower

87 meters

Antwerp, De Keyserlei 5

4. Park Tower

78,8 meters

Antwerp, Ellermanstraat 61

5. London Tower

76,6 meters

Antwerp, Londenstraat 60

6. Theater Building

76 meter

Antwerp, Italiëlei 124

7. Police tower

76 meters

Antwerp, Oudaan 5

8. Light Tower

75 meters

Antwerp, Ellermanstraat 81

9. Hooge Huys

64 meters

Antwerp, Brederodestraat 184

10. MAS

62 meters

Antwerp, Hanzestedenplaats 1

Height of Antwerp Buildings


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